New Recipes, New Ingredients…Same Beneful Nutrition

Fifteen years ago, Beneful was introduced to the world of dog lovers with nutrition being it’s main focus. Fifteen years later, that focus hasn’t wavered. Feedback from their dedicated Wal-Mart customers along with their high standards for nutrition have allowed them to evolve. With health and nutrition becoming more popular these days, one can argue that Beneful has been instrumental in its increase. Even with all their success they continue to evolve recipes and ingredients to provide the highest quality nutrition for your four legged friend. Here are a few of those recipes and products.
Beneful Originals (Beef, Chicken or Salmon) Dry Dog Food
Real beef accented with spinach, carrots and peas. Maybe your dog prefers real chicken accented with carrots, avocados and tomatoes. Maybe your furry friend enjoys real salmon accented with sweet potatoes, green beans and carrots. Regardless of their tastes, the antioxidant nutrition of the beef and chicken recipes or the omega rich nutrition of the salmon recipe will provide your pet with 100% of the nutrition they need.

Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight

Let’s face it, our lovable furry friends let themselves go too. Not to worry, Beneful has provided the solution to your dog’s weight problem without sacrificing flavor. The recipe includes real chicken with apples, carrots and green beans. This calorie smart mix provides 100% of the nutrition your dog requires.

Beneful Wet Dog Food Chopped Blends (Beef, Chicken or Turkey)
If you’re of the mindset that your dog deserves the absolute best tasting dog food there is, then prepare to spoil their taste buds with Chopped blends. Real ingredients you can see like beef with peas, carrots and barley or chicken with wild rice, peas and carrots. All blends are also lightly sauced to spread that yumness throughout.

Beneful Dog Treats Baked Delight Stars

Just as a parent can’t resist the cutest pout face from a toddler, neither can a dog owner resist those begging eyes. Unfortunately, sometimes they can’t partake of some of the sweets you enjoy, but Beneful has come to the rescue of your furry friend. These shortbread treats are made with chicken and cheese and look like cookies.


JustFab Helps People Get Into Fashion

Ok, not everyone is into fashion. However, people who get bit by the bug will find that a whole new world opens to them. One of the things that they come to realize is that their self worth and how they feel about themselves can be greatly influenced by the type of clothes that they wear on It not only influences them in the way other people perceive them. It also influences their perception of themselves. In other words, people in the summer could actually have a different perception of themselves if they wear different clothes. The difference can be night and day to them.

One thing that people need to be on the lookout for is the right store and the right brands. Fortunately, there is a brand that is very helpful for women to get into the world of fashion. This retailer is called JustFab. JustFab is filled with plenty of variety when it comes to different pieces of clothing. For one thing, it has different items that could flatter different body types. Therefore, everyone has options when it comes to looking good. They don’t have to be stuck with items that do not flatter them, or items that look boring. They can go for a look that they themselves find exciting and that others will also enjoy on them.
Read more: JustFab Summer Shop

JustFab has tons of shoes and accessories to go with each outfit as well. For many people that like to accessorize, there are purses, handbags and tons of jewelry that will bring out a great look that will win a lot of attention. One good thing about JustFab is that it is online. This makes it easier for people to look at all of the options of what is available to customers and order online from their size. JustFab is especially passionate about helping people find their own unique style.

One good season for style is the summer. The warmer season allows people to find something that they like which they will enjoy so that they will have a joy about them that will attract others to them and ultimately make them feel even better about themselves. 

Success of Investment Banking

Investment banking can trace its origin to the 17th Century. The old form of investment banking was not as developed as it is today but it played a major role in the development of trade. The 20th century saw the development and a maturity of the sector. It is said that the US economy was saved from collapse by an investment banker who encouraged other bankers and investors to inject capital into the economy. This resulted in liquidity flow to the market and abated the crisis that was going out of hand.

World War 1 created a need for capital development for companies involved in the production of war equipment. Governments were in dire need of money to finance the war machinery. This was the golden era for investment banking. However the great recession hit in 1929 as the liquidity declined and investors were at loss.

In the US investment banking was separated from normal commercial banks as early as 1864. The National Banking Act of 1864 was the first law to attempt to control investment banks and commercial banks. It was reinforced by the Banking Act of 1933 which further separated commercial banks and investment banks creating a blockade between the two institutions. This separation came to be popularly known as the Chinese wall.

Presently investment banks play a very important role in the development of industries. Some of the functions of investment banking include raising capital & security underwriting and sales & trading and equity research. The traditional Chinese wall that separated investment banks from commercial banks crumbled and investment banks have the capability to offer commercial banking services.

Martin Lustgarten has all the answers to financial questions and is particularly well informed in the investment banking sector. He operates a very reputable investment banking firm which helps investors and companies balance between economic performance and investment viability. Martin understands the need to make viable and sound financial decisions that can make your money work for you.

Martin Lustgarten, through his large financial networks, helps normal people meet their financial goals. He provides information that people pay top dollar to attain for free. He is a different kind of philanthropic giver.

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Koch Brothers, will back Democrats if they do better job than Republicans

In an interview with ABC News, Journalist Jonathan Karl asked Charles Koch if he could support Clinton in the hypothetical general election. Koch responded and said that given the performance of Bill Clinton, it is possible Hillary Clinton will perform better in fulfilling libertarian and pro-business agenda than Republicans’ candidates that are currently running.

Charles Koch is the co-owner and the president of Koch Industries. According to Forbes, Koch Industries is the second-largest privately held company in the United States. As of 2012, he was ranked as the sixth richest person in the world. According to Bloomberg, along with his brother David Koch they have a net worth of approximately $106 billion. For decades, Koch is renowned for his support of free market-oriented organizations, corporate welfare opposition, and small government views. He has been identified as a libertarian whose concept is to minimize the role of government and maximize private economy and personal freedoms.

From the interview, Charles and socialist Bernie Sanders may agree on one thing; the U.S economic systems, in particular, the tax code benefit the wealthy. Koch explained, the two –tiered society creates welfare for the rich and makes it difficult for the disadvantaged. Focusing on inequities on tax code Koch stated that if it were to him, we would not have two –tiered system that that subsidizes the wealthy.

Further, he argued that corporate welfare benefits big business and makes it difficult for low-income earners to get started. Although Koch Industries is among those benefiting from the current tax code, he favors getting rid of all of them. He added that none of the Republicans’ candidates are talking about the issue and is the reason they have not supported any of them.

Koch went on and explained that they will not support somebody because they are Republicans or be against somebody because they Democrat. If Democrats do a better than Republicans, they are going to avail their support. He added that they are not going into campaigns where they cannot make a difference in people lives.

Koch expressed his disappointments over Republicans’ presidential race, which has focused on tearing each other down other than competing on how to improve the quality of lives. He even stated they are not interested in politics thus; his network Freedom Partners will not be attending the convention in Cleveland. Their interest is focused on policies and culture that will enable people to improve their lives.

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DIVERSANT LLC a successful IT staffing company in US

Sometimes getting the right and skilled professionals for a company can be cumbersome. Unfortunately, many companies at one point in time have fallen victims of hiring an employee/s that was not qualified for the job. However, in today’s world, we have IT staffing solution companies that seek to provide the right and talented professionals to businesses. One good example of an IT staffing company is Diversant Limited Liability Company in US.

John Goullet worked as an IT consultant, before he founded his own IT Company, Info Technology in 1994. The company was Diversant established to understand the IT staffing requirements of the clients’ and the corporate world, and this included matching of the required set skills, and working styles. In addition, Info Technology was also focused to offer solutions in IT to 500 fortune companies nationwide. Within five years, the company grew to a worth of 30 million dollars, and was ranked position eight in the Inc. Magazine in the top 500 fast rising private business in the US.

In 2010, Info Technologies and Diversant Inc. merged and formed Limited Liability Company. The company is a certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE), and one of the largest and successful top African-American owned IT staffing company in US. It specializes in providing a wide range of IT staffing solutions and other products like diversity innovative solutions, staffing augmentation in IT, and direct hire of IT professional staffs for companies either on a contract, contingent or on a permanent basis. The company helps many businesses to acquire the right IT talented professionals in the industry, due to the ever growing technology. Diversant severs by sourcing and vetting for qualified IT professionals by ensuring that they meet the IT requirements for the companies. It matches the talented professionals’ expertise and skills to the appropriate companies in the industry. The company’s products and services are original, unique and aimed at meeting the ever growing needs of the various clients in the industry, who includes the associates and the community around.

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Handy Makes Spring Cleaning Simple And Hassle Free

Spring is a time that many of us have come to associated with a thorough cleaning that has come to be known simply as “spring cleaning.” Cleaning your home thoroughly every year is a great idea and can get rid of a lot of gunk, dust and debris that may have otherwise have gone unnoticed or uncleaned during the year. A time of rebirth and rapid growth, spring is the perfect season to do a complete cleaning at your home.

We all like a clean home and ideally everyone should do a spring cleaning every now and then. However not all of us do a spring cleaning because we either lack the will, time or both! If you lack the will, time or would much rather have some someone else do a spring cleaning for you than a startup on demand cleaning company called Handy may be just what you wished for this year.

Founded only a few years ago by two graduate students studying at Harvard University, Handy had a humble beginning and has seen astronomical growth since getting its first round of funding. Its co-founders Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Du were roommates while studying at Harvard. Duang was the sloppy of the two. Hanrahan came up with the idea of Umang hiring someone to clean up and tidy his space. Umang thought it was a brilliant idea that had much potential. Together, after some thought they decided to create an on-demand cleaning company, now called Handy.

So exactly is Handy? It is an on demand cleaning service. You book a cleaning in advance. The minimum time to book in advance is 24 hours. It does not offer same day cleaning right now. After you book, a maid will come to your home or apartment and clean your home according to the specifications you have outlined in your booking.

The booking process in Handy is very simple. All you need is a name, address, specifications, special requests and of course a valid form of payment. You can pay and tip your cleaner online or through an app which is very convenient. Handy is available in many cities around the USA and some in Canada and the UK.

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James Dondero Increases The Amount Of Stake In Corp Ohio Company

Investor James Dondero is one of the top performers in the business industry. Dondero is a skilled investor who offers financial advisory services to entrepreneurs and business enterprises. James has been a crucial figure in the realization of a stable economy. James has gained much experience in the industry as he has been a manager for more than 30 years.

Currently, James Dondero serves as the principal executive of Highland Capital Management, an independent company offering investment and banking services to customers on a global platform. James founded Highland Capital Management with his co-worker, Mark Okada. As the president of HCM, Dondero has highly boosted the commercial distribution channels of this firm. Dondero has also been playing a significant role in the mergers and acquisition processes.

Dondero is well known for his investment plans and projects that have been successful. As the president of Highland Capital Management, Dondero has been undertaking all supervisory duties of the company. He also manages the institutional products of Highland Capital Management. In his entire career, Dondero has been focusing on healthcare equities and private assets. He has been working together with the experienced and certified staff of HCM to meet clients’ demands and specifications.

Recently, Franklin Independent Company made a liberation regarding another huge investment made by Dondero. James has been predicting the performance of stocks in the market successfully as he is a certified accountant. According to the release, Dondero decreased the amount of stake he had invested in the NASDAQ Incorporation. The stake decrement amounted to $10.90 million dollars. Sir James has been a successful manager in his entire career.

James Dondero is a hedge fund mastermind. He has been conducting investment activities dealing with hedge funds. By the end of the 2016 first quarter prospects, Highland Capital Management had a total of 16,024 shares in Athenahealth Limited. In the 2015 fourth quarter, HCM had more than 95,000 shares in the hedge fund. Despite the reduction of capital staked in the hedge fund, a positive 0.80% turn up has been realized.

Highland Capital Management is among the top rated companies regarding managerial services. Jams Dondero manages more than $15 billion, which are under assets management. Recently, Dondero made another remarkable step in increasing the amount of stake in Corp Ohio Company. Dondero made an increment of 345,150 shares in 2016 stock exchange first quarter. For a detailed report, click .

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JustFab Is One Of The Best Places To Shop Online

Many people are looking for good clothes to wear that not only will fit them but will also stand out and not be something that everyone else is wearing. A lot of people tend to go to different stores to do their shopping, but what about shopping online? Some people choose not to shop online because they feel it will take too long to receive their items, and the shipping prices are too high.

Some companies will charge high shipping prices to make up for the sales they’re having, which means you may save money on the products but pay more for the shipping, which is not fair. Learn more about JustFab: and
Not a lot of places have free shipping anymore unless you buy a lot of products, that’s why JustFab is a great website that is changing the face of shopping online, especially for those who are fashionable. JustFab is not just a single website but has several branches as well, including a kids store, athletic wear, mens wear and more.

All of the JustFab websites are very popular and have different memberships that all are similar to each other. The best part about shopping in the JustFab stores is the fact that the memberships allow you to save 50% off of the regular product prices as well as earning points.

Earning points are important because it means that you can use the points for purchases later on, and the points are free of charge, so you have to pay nothing to use the points to purchase items in the store. The best thing about JustFab is the fact that they have all kinds of clothing as well as shoes, and the styles are impeccable as well. Read more: JustFab Women’s Shoes, Designer Purses, Sandals, Women’s Booties and @justfabonline

If you need some help finding a certain style or clothing and shoes that go together, the JustFab website is perfect for you because it helps you put styles together. You’ll get a personal stylist on the JustFab website, which is something very few websites can say they offer free of charge.

Once you start a membership on the JustFab website, you can get your shipping free as well as getting 50% off on future purchases. Free shipping on future purchases are based on the amount of products you purchase, and as long as you pay the minimum purchase amount, then your shipping will be free of charge.

Your items can get to your home within a matter of days, so you can order your clothes this week, and by next week, you’ll be wearing them out to a fun event. Don’t bother with those expensive websites that have very little to offer, check out JustFab today to see what the site can offer you.

Talk Fusion Brings the Future to the Present

Just over a decade ago, the simple act of putting a short video in an email was unheard of. Today, thanks to the vision and perseverance of Talk Fusion Founder and CEO, Bob Reina, sending an embedded video in an email is not only possible, it is quickly becoming the business industry standard.

No stranger to hard work, Reina worked several jobs while a student at the University of South Florida, and continued on to graduate the top of his class at the police academy. Even though he loved his work as an officer in Tampa, Reina also had a passion for marketing and worked very hard to become a successful direct selling associate, which eventually led to him leaving the police force and following his vision.

Talk Fusion was born in 2004, when Reina was house hunting in North Carolina and simply wanted to share a short 10-second video of a house he found with his family who was not with him. At that time, embedding a video in an email was not possible, and it left Reina wondering if he could learn how to make it possible and then market the idea to others who could use this technology.

Today, Talk Fusion is a full service video communications and marketing service, offering companies everything from embedded video email and newsletters, to social networking, video conferencing, live meetings, and video chat. The unique aspect of Talk Fusion’s video email is the video is actually embedded in the email, there are no links clients have to click to see the message. This is very useful for ideas that do not come across well in a text only format or for showing someone how to solve a problem. Businesses find their clients open these emails far more often and engage in the content.

Hard work, insight, and innovation keep Talk Fusion on the cutting edge of marketing, advertising, and communications. With competition at an all-time high, thanks to Talk Fusion, even home based businesses and small mom and pop shops can reach new audiences and stay relevant in the global market.

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George Soros on Reforming the EU Asylum Policy

The new asylum policy that allows refugees to be accommodated in Europe and its consequential flaws was first published through The New York Review of Books, . The policy has been faulted for four main reasons. First, the policy has been characterized as being non-European. The reason for this claim is that it was actually formulated and formalized in Turkey and thereafter implemented in the European Union by Angela Merkel. Second, the policy has not received the necessary funds needed to bring it into force. Thirdly, member states are compelled to take in refugees. This is because of the fact that it was imposed among them. The last deficiency of the policy is that it is slowly turning Greece into some sort of quarantine on Greece lacks the sufficient capacity and resources to fully accommodate the refugees. It is worth noting that the numbers are rising daily.

The good news is that the European Commission has taken note of the above shortcomings of the policy. It has committed itself to make changes to the policy and the entire system. Through its Vice President, the European Commission has opened up forums where people and member states on can air their views and opinions. The European Union is being called upon to take appropriate measures in addressing the asylum crisis. There are fears that Greece will eventually experience an influx in its population if nothing is done.

A proposal to bring together all the member state resources in order to have an effective policy has been raised. Financial support is critical so that countries that are taking in refugees can comfortably sustain them. Refugees are also to be given the opportunity to work and educate their children in the different member countries of the European Union. Thirty billion Euros will be required to ensure the success of this plan. It should be understood that only through this will Europe shield itself from a crisis such as its collapse.

Unfortunately member states are constrained by the strict fiscal rules and lack of the united effort between them. The options are available for Europe is to first increase its tax revenue and second it can re-open the European Commission’s Multiannual Financial Framework. The framework sets limits on for the amount of money that the European Union distributes among its member states. To amass the political support needed, all member states must be given equal opportunity to be heard. There is also the proposal to make use of the EU’s triple-A-Credit. It is clear that financial resources are major hindrance to achieving this vision and there is need to do all that is necessary to avert an imminent collapse of the EU.

George Soros is a renowned American businessman, investor and philanthropist. He is currently the Chairman of Soros Fund Management. George Soros is also the founder and Chairman of Open Society Foundations. He attended the London School of Economics where he attained a Bachelor and Masters in Philosophy. George Soros makes his views on investment and economic issues public and in turn enjoys a huge public following. He has authored and co-authored several books. He is also a supporter of liberal and democratic political causes all over the world.