George Soros on Reforming the EU Asylum Policy

The new asylum policy that allows refugees to be accommodated in Europe and its consequential flaws was first published through The New York Review of Books, . The policy has been faulted for four main reasons. First, the policy has been characterized as being non-European. The reason for this claim is that it was actually formulated and formalized in Turkey and thereafter implemented in the European Union by Angela Merkel. Second, the policy has not received the necessary funds needed to bring it into force. Thirdly, member states are compelled to take in refugees. This is because of the fact that it was imposed among them. The last deficiency of the policy is that it is slowly turning Greece into some sort of quarantine on Greece lacks the sufficient capacity and resources to fully accommodate the refugees. It is worth noting that the numbers are rising daily.

The good news is that the European Commission has taken note of the above shortcomings of the policy. It has committed itself to make changes to the policy and the entire system. Through its Vice President, the European Commission has opened up forums where people and member states on can air their views and opinions. The European Union is being called upon to take appropriate measures in addressing the asylum crisis. There are fears that Greece will eventually experience an influx in its population if nothing is done.

A proposal to bring together all the member state resources in order to have an effective policy has been raised. Financial support is critical so that countries that are taking in refugees can comfortably sustain them. Refugees are also to be given the opportunity to work and educate their children in the different member countries of the European Union. Thirty billion Euros will be required to ensure the success of this plan. It should be understood that only through this will Europe shield itself from a crisis such as its collapse.

Unfortunately member states are constrained by the strict fiscal rules and lack of the united effort between them. The options are available for Europe is to first increase its tax revenue and second it can re-open the European Commission’s Multiannual Financial Framework. The framework sets limits on for the amount of money that the European Union distributes among its member states. To amass the political support needed, all member states must be given equal opportunity to be heard. There is also the proposal to make use of the EU’s triple-A-Credit. It is clear that financial resources are major hindrance to achieving this vision and there is need to do all that is necessary to avert an imminent collapse of the EU.

George Soros is a renowned American businessman, investor and philanthropist. He is currently the Chairman of Soros Fund Management. George Soros is also the founder and Chairman of Open Society Foundations. He attended the London School of Economics where he attained a Bachelor and Masters in Philosophy. George Soros makes his views on investment and economic issues public and in turn enjoys a huge public following. He has authored and co-authored several books. He is also a supporter of liberal and democratic political causes all over the world.

Michael Zomber: More Than Just A Collector of Samurai Swords

Michael Zomber was born in 1949 in Washington, D.C. and grew up in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The son of immigrants from Germany, he attended the University of Illinois and earned bachelor’s degrees for English Literature and Psychology. He also holds a master’s degree from UCLA in English Literature. He and his wife Andrea currently reside in Franklin, Tennessee with daughter and son Gabriella and Christopher.

For more than four decades, he has collected, restored and sold antique armor and arms and has a special interest in Japanese Samurai swords. He is most interested in antiques from the 16th to 19th centuries from Europe, Japan, United States and Middle East (Islamic). His extensive knowledge awarded him the opportunity to be a guest historian on eight episodes of the Tales of the Gun series shown on the History Channel.

He is an author of historical novels including a book on Samurai culture. As a filmmaker, he has turned seven of his screenplays into highly acclaimed films as well as a documentary on Samurais. He and Andrea operate their own independent film company called Renascent Films LLC.

This couple are active philanthropists who believe in peaceful solutions to conflict, and they encourage others to believe the same through their Facebook. They are proud supporters of organizations supporting human rights like Global Exchange and Amnesty International. They are actively involved with the Randolph Bourne Institute and that promotes free speech and anti-war beliefs. They work with Doctors Without Borders and Smile Train that bring much needed medical attention to adults and children. Get Lit’s is another organization they strongly support for Southern California high school students. They are also involved with Disabled American Veterans and UNICEF.  Check out Michael’s professional works on Amazon.

Doe Deere Breaks All the Fashion Rules

Doe Deere is famous for breaking rules. As a child, her mother was constantly correcting her behavior, and as an adult, she founded Lime Crime cosmetics to help other women break all the fashion rules. Doe Deere hates traditional fashion rules and there are several rules she is passionate about breaking. Recently, Doe sat down with Bustle to discuss the fashion rules that she loves to break.

There are numerous rules that she loves to break, but her favorite rule to break is to never wear bold eye make-up with bold lip make-up. Doe feels that everyone should live life their way, and sometimes that means wearing bold make-up on multiple parts of your face. If you want a bold look, then use all the colors you need.

While Doe loves achieving a bold look, there are several other fashion rules worth breaking, according to Doe Deere. Many fashion experts advise people to avoid wearing too many different colors. They feel that wearing too many colors can cause clashes and make you visually unappealing. Doe understands that tradition states that you avoid wearing multiple colors, but she wishes to live her life out loud. Doe regularly wears a huge spectrum of colors and is able to achieve a spectacular look. She hopes that others can embrace a more colorful approach to daily wear.

Many people have been taught to avoid wearing multiple patterns, but Doe feels that contrasting patterns actually draw attention to your outfit. She regularly wears plaid with stripes and other mixes and matches. Combining patterns has allowed Doe to achieve a truly unique look. Doe does prefer to include a similar color within her patterns to give her outfit continuity, but she loves achieving a unique look with patterns.

There are hundreds of rules that Doe loves to break every day, but the most important rule is to dress your age. Dressing your age is a myth and people must break out of it. Doe feels that people should dress the way they want. Your outfit should reflect your personality rather than your age.

Doe Deere is a huge name in the cosmetics industry. Her ability to look outside the box allows her to create products that let people live their life out loud. Doe insists on breaking all the rules, and while society occasionally pushes back, Doe insists on breaking the most annoying fashion rules and changing the industry.

Here’s Why Igor Cornelsen Believes You Should Invest In Passive Income

Passive income is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit in the world of investing. This is because passive income is the best income. Here are three reasons top Brazilian Banker Igor Cornelsen believes you should invest in passive income starting right now. got them listed:

Reason #1 – You Don’t Have To Be Directly Involved

For most of the people in the world according to Igor Cornelsen, working a 9 to 5 is how they make their money. This type of income is known as active income and it requires you to be directly involved. In most cases, if you miss a few days from work you won’t get paid. Because of this people will often push themselves to go to work even when they are too sick to do so.

With passive income you don’t need to physically be present to make money. Once your system has been set up it will be able to make money for you 24 hours a day without any involvement from you. This is how the rich continue to get richer.

#2 – It Provides a Continuous Flow of Income

When you hear people say they make money in their sleep, this is what they are talking about. With passive income the money is continuously flowing in. It doesnt matter what you are doing, be it sleeping, on vacation or watching your favorite show on Netflix, you will continue making money 24 hours a day.

#3 – Minimal Resources Are Required

The great thing about passive income is it is usually a one off activity. In other words, you do the work once and have the potential to get paid forever.

Because of the way things are set up, it requires very little resources to get things moving. And once the ball is rolling, it is pretty much hands off from that point on.

These are just three of the many benefits associated with passive income. Instead of rushing off to get a second job, why not start a business that will allow you to create passive income?

Thanks to the internet setting up a facebook account or business is quick and easy. The best part is you can start from home with any size budget.

While it will take a lot of work initially, if you stick with it you will reap the rewards. Keep in mind the amount of money you make is up to you and the amount of effort you are willing to put in.

Will Bitcoins Be Used To Invest In Commodities? Some Investors Like Brad Reifler Don’t Think So

The Bitcoin rage has been in the news a lot lately. The term Bitcoin popped up in 2009 when a guy with a Japanese sounding name created it. The Internet calls Bitcoins Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is a method of payment on the Internet through a peer-to-peer network. There is no middleman and no bank to support Cryptocurrency. The only measure of security when it comes to Bitcoins is the cryptography that is used to protect the online currency.

Hedge fund investors and money managers like Brad Reifler say Bitcoins are not going to be around very long because of the cons involved with them. The main con is Bitcoins are not controlled by any centralized entity. The only control according to Reifler’s,  is the behind the scene public ledger that Bitcoin users call a “block Chain.” The “block chain” contains ever Bitcoin transaction that was processed online. All Bitcoin users have full control, and can send bitcoins from their own online address.

Reifler and other investors say not having a centralized entity is a con, but Bitcoin users say it as a positive. There is no government interference or the annoying intrusions by self-interested investment banks, according to an article published by Reuters. Bitcoin users argue that we give our money to banking people that are not trustworthy. Hence the appeal of bitcoins is really immunity to the manipulations of inept politicians and crooked bankers.

But Brad Reifler, the 30 year veteran in the investment industry thinks Bitcoins have a long way to go before they are accepted as true investment tools. Brad is the founder of Forefront Capital, an investment firm that helps small investors reap the same kind of returns hedge fund investors enjoy. Forefront Capital clients don’t need a six figure bank account or investment recognition to invest in emerging markets or other investment vehicles. Reifler doesn’t take a commission, and his Forefront Trust Fund has been producing more than an 8.1 percent return for years.

One of the major concerns Reifler has with Bitcoins is the volatility. The Cryptocurrency has not been able to sustain a consistent value. The extreme peaks and values of the Bitcoin proves Reifler’s concern. No one knows what the Bitcoin will be worth tomorrow or next month, and that is not the kind of investment tool that Reifler wants to use to buy serious assets.

The Jury is still out when it comes to Bitcoin longevity. Reifler believes there has to be some changes in the structure of the Cryptocurrency before it is accepted by hedge fund investors. Even though government regulations can hurt investors, they also protect them, and the Bitcoin is still living in the wild west when it comes to protection.

Purina Beneful Provides a Natural Diet for your dog

Dog food has become quite the topic for the upcoming day in age. Not just any dog food though, we are talking about premium dog food. When we say premium dog food, we are talking about wholesome ingredients that are natural, delicious and home grown. Premium dog food can contain organic vegetables and meats, and normally contains ingredients that are easy to digest. Most dog foods contain different types of fillers and by products that aren’t necessarily good for our furry pets, but they fill them up and make them full, however, it can be hard on their system to digest. Most premium dog food manufacturers are leaning more towards the ancestral diet that involves a more natural base that provides quality protein like lean chicken and turkey along with fiber for an active diet.


Purinastore Beneful premium dog food is one of those dog foods that provide the necessary ingredients and wholesome quality that you’re looking for. When it comes to blending delicious ingredients together to ensure that your dog is satisfied. What we decide to feed out animals depicts their quality of life along with their health and longevity. Our animals don’t live long enough as it is because dogs age faster than we do unfortunately. We should feed them the best quality dog food that we can while they are here with us.


Many consumers are finding that it is completely affordable to invest in the higher quality dog food. Although it is slightly more expensive than the cheaper brands, it is completely worth the investment to ensure that our dogs get the best dog food available. When we eat quality food and ingredients that are wholesome, our dogs should be too. After all, they are part of our family. Purina Beneful can fill the void that your dog may be lacking due to its dog food. Beneful can help fill in the voids in nutrition that your dog needs to absorb and provide an easier, digestible diet. Beneful also provide different types of dog foods as well as products that are concentrated on what your dog needs.


Argentina Aims to Attract Investors Back

James Dondero has had a lot of experience with investments in his lifetime. James graduated from the University of Virginia and the McIntire Schol of Commerce with majors in both Accounting and Finance. He has a breadth of industry experience with Morgan Guaranty training programs, American Express, and eventually co-founding his own fund in the form of Highland Capital Management. During his time in the industry, he also helped formalize the creation of Collateralized Loan Obligates (CLOs).

Jame’s experience with investing his time and money isn’t only in the professional finance arena. He is also personally familiar with dedicating his time to worthwhile charities and causes focusing on veterans affairs, education, and public policy in the local communities. Between his public and professional interests, he has a unique understanding of not only people but communities, even countries like Argentina. James Dondero recently shared insights about the Argentina situation as 2015 was coming to an end. Jim cited that Argentina is a resource-rich country with a lot of untapped potentials. However due to its restrictions on the international credit market, the countries capital was nearly depleted and it was in no position to leverage its resources.

As predicted this status-quo wouldn’t last and in late 2015 President Mauricio Macri was elected on the basis that they would rebuild Argentina’s credibility in the international markets. This credibility would be built on restructuring outstanding debt and undoing the policy decisions of President Macri’s predecessor Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner which had previously led Argentina to be banned from the international credit markets in 2014. It is expected that U.S. courts will allow Argentina and President Macri to restructure and pay off their holdout creditors in 2016 after their strides to cultivating trust in the community.

Once the country is allowed back into the international credit markets they intend to issue $12 billion in new bonds ranging from 5, 10, and 30-year issuance. This is a sizeable sum but many past investors who held Argentina debt through the default are looking to reenter the country when investments become possible again viewing it as an ideal low-cost investment for high returns. One investment fund interested in doing this is Highland Capital Management which previously held some of the largest amounts of 2033 Argentina bonds and are looking to buy a sizable amount of the new $12 billion bond issuance.

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Source: Bloomberg

Koch Brothers Plans to Make Personal Investments through 1888 Management LLC

During the era of Rockefeller, Morgan, and Carnegie, a young man of Dutch origin named Harry Koch stepped his feet in America and ventured into the market with an aim of building a business empire. This happened in 1888, and today his grandsons Charles and David are following the same path. Harry Koch was a newspaper publisher, who set a strong foundation for the establishment of influential Koch family. Currently, Charles Koch and David Koch have a net worth of approximately $100 billion.

The Koch brothers are putting in place an operation known as 1888 Management LLC to oversee a chunk of their personal property and wealth. Previously, the 1888 operation diverted all its attention to the private Koch Industries Inc., but currently, it is scouting for personal investment opportunities for the Koch brothers. The brothers have used their money to fund community-based organizations that support education causes and veteran affairs.

The amount managed by the 1888 operation is still unclear. However, a trusted source approximated the figure to $2 billion. The operation was launched in Delaware in 2014 and has expanded its operation in Florida, Kansas, and California.

1888 investment goals

Trent May is the brain behind 1888; he joined Kochs back in 2001, after a successful Wyoming Retirement System. He helped to direct public pension funds to hedge funds and allocated millions of dollars to Bridgewater Associates and Moore Capital Management owned by Raymond Dalio and Louis Bacon respectively. May’s goal is to purchase ownership stakes in established companies. 1888 hopes to increase its stake in X5 OpCo LLC, which is a telecommunication company.

Charles Koch is a self-established investor topping the list of most influential billionaires in politics of the United States. He serves as a co-owner, board chairperson, and CEO of Koch Industries. The company specialized in chemicals and oil refining when it was established. Currently, it has expanded its product to into include provision of pollution control equipment, minerals, commodity trading and services, fertilizers as well as fibers and minerals. He is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds both undergraduate and master’s degree in mechanical engineering (1957) and Chemical Engineering (1960) respectively.

FreedomPop Bringing New Funding to Expand Services

FreedomPop has started from the ground up in the world of mobile technology. Now, while the company has proved to be a major startup and has expanded rapidly, it has not been able to do it on its own. In fact, the company has required the assistance of financial investments and fundraising in order to expand at its current rate. After all, when over a million new users have turned to the mobile phone provided in just three years, it is rather impressive but it also requires money. With the most recent funding, the company is eyeing pushing its services internationally. This is at a time where major carriers in the United States, the same carriers the million users have left, are being fined by the FCC for different fraudulent activities.

So what has transpired with the other major carries around the United States? First, Verizon was hit with a $1.4 million fine by the FCC for installing what is known as a super cookie onto its clients mobile phones. This super cookie monitors Internet activity on a user’s mobile device and then transmits the information back to Verizon. The company is then able to use this information and sell it to manufacturers so companies know what kind of products to advertise on a mobile phone. However, Verizon did not simply correct the problem. No, the company actually just put out a notification to users, showing them how to remove it if they wanted to. As many subscribers simply do not pay attention to the updates or they don’t know how to perform the removal, they are going to be continually pumping information back to Verizon.

FreedomPop is bringing new ideas to the world of technology and one aspect it is doing is not installing this kind of content onto its devices.

Sanjay Shah Autism Rocks

A charity that has evolved recently to produce donations for a neurological condition called autism has taken the charts with its success. It is called Autism Rocks and it was launched by Sanjay Shah in 2014. He is a hedge fund millionaire who has created and successfully implemented over three dozen financial investment businesses throughout his career. He was able to retire from his latest company, Solo Capital, which is a brokerage firm that he started in 2011. With his retirement came the focus of his new found charity called Autism Rocks. It is a concert based fundraising event that is an elected invite only where famous musicians perform and help raise donations for the cause. Autism is a neurological disorder that affects millions of people throughout the world and as of right now there is no cure, but there is hope to raise awareness and better understand that diagnosis as well as the symptoms that come along with it.

When Sanjay and his wife got the news back in 2011 when their son was only two years old, they weren’t exactly sure what to do. Shah had only heard of autism, but didn’t’ know exactly what it was or how to help. He had been donated his money to children in India for over 10 years, but wanted to start donating to autism somehow. It wasn’t until a conversation over a cup of tea with Snoop Dogg that Sanjay realized what he wanted to do. He needed to get back into the music industry so he could help raise money for the cause. He has since hired two new employees to help with the charity business. One person will handle the financial side of the business and the other person helps to handle future concerts and events. He has had the ability to work with some of the most famous musicians in the industry such as Snoop Dogg himself, Drake, Prince and Michael Buble. He has future obligations set with more artists to perform concerts and is looking forward to continuing the charity to aid in research and development.